Frequently asked questions

Is there something wrong with my surge arresters?

This is a core question, we are adressing in two complete chapters in the smartCOUNT user guide.

Understanding the behaviour of the surge arrester leakage current records, which smartCOUNT is providing, is quite challenging. To make all the arising data more transparent, we give explanations about the leakage current behaviour, typical patterns and give corresponding recommendations for maintenance actions inside the user guide.

And if this is not enough, we offer a support channel for direct communication with one of our smartCOUNT experts, for free!

Can I install a smartCOUNT on a surge arrester of another brand than Tridelta?

Yes. The smartCOUNT system works for any gapless ZnO arrester. At this point, there are various trial installations of smartCOUNTs combined with surge arresters from other brands, delivering proper measuring results and already located supicious surge arresters among those.

Note: For surge arresters of other brands, no alerts or current limits are offered since it´s up tot he manufacturer to give information about the maximum surge arrester ratings.